About the company

We are a modern company with a long heritage of producing malt for beer production. After all, we’ve been supplying the highest quality malt for the German and international market since 1869. Today, as a subsidiary of GETREIDE AG, we are a sustainable partner for the international brewing industry. Following extensive investment, our company is owning two of the most modern malting plants in Europe.

In the area around Erfurt is one of the most traditional growing regions for malting barley in Germany. Temperate, dry climate and nutrient rich soils compared with the knowhow of our farmers are building the ideal quality parameters of Thuringia’s brewing grain.

For our plant in Hamburg we are using the trading structures from GETREIDE AG to purchase malting barley from origin’s like Scandinavia, UK and northern Germany. Over this way we are able to hold direct contact with the local farmers.

plant in Erfurt

annual capacity: 120.000 t

plant in Hamburg

annual capacity: 80.000 t

Raw material

We primarily procure our malting barley and brewer’s wheat ourselves, directly from the farmer.

Our malting plant is located in Erfurt, the heart of one of Germany’s finest and most traditional growing regions for brewing grain.

Our second malting plant in Hamburg procures its raw materials from Denmark and northern Germany. Embedded in the structures of our parent company — GETREIDE AG Hamburg — we benefit from commercial and technical knowledge to access international commodities markets.

Quality – a central goal

Quality control at Erfurter Malzwerke begins out in the fields and at the supplier’s storehouse. We are monitoring incoming deliveries of the brewing grain, as well as every subsequent production step until dispatch of the malt from our plants in Erfurt and Hamburg. We carry out environmental friendly production in accordance with our customers requirements to ensure the highest possible product quality and safety standards.

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Our plant in Erfurt is located near the geographical center of Germany, an ideal location in terms of logistics for meeting the needs of our malt customers both domestically and in the neighboring countries.

Our plant in Hamburg is the only malting plant in Germany with direct deep water access in the port of Hamburg. Depending on customer requirements, all manner of ship loading is therefore possible in addition to land transport.


We’re always working to optimize our delivery chain, from the field to the final destination-our customers. After processing of grains into malt, transportation costs are reduced by approximately 20 % compared to the grain equivalent. Therefore, by carrying out upstream processing in the grain-surplus region around our Erfurt plant, we are able to reduce our CO2 emissions by over 1,000 t.

Our sources of heat include eco-friendly district heating from cogeneration, and all our major heat-consuming components are equipped with heat recovery systems. To enable us to continually increase the energy efficiency of our processes, we have also introduced a certified energy management system.